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Because I adhere to a code of practice which honours protection of each clients details and private information, this section is a tricky one.

These testimonials are made by recent and existing clients, in their own words, with names removed to protect privacy.

Laura, age 56, NY USA, October 2017-present / ongoing

Upon receiving a pre-cancerous uterine diagnosis, I contacted Julie for wisdom and guidance. I needed to make dramatic changes as my doctors were pressuring me to have a hysterectomy, which I did not want. Julie educated me and taught me to listen to my body. My uterus was communicating that I had an imbalance in estrogen. Julie suggested watching a documentary; What the Health, which I did and learned about the importance of a clean healthy diet.

I edited meat, pork, chicken, and all dairy, and embraced leaf-based meals, fiber-centric choices, fruits and vegetables. With my dramatic change in diet, Julie recommended cleaning out the toxins in body by taking Kapha (-) and Triphala. I started each day with a measure of honey and ground ginger. I introduced delicious spices and herbs to my cooking and came to love the food I was eating. I only ate when I was hungry and not according to the clock. My cravings and addictions were conquered-no minor feat after decades of a processed food-based American diet. Four months later, with my skin brighter, my energy level and mood elevated,

I revisited my doctor. I had lost 26 pounds and the results of my uterine biopsy were benign! Julie’s intuitive guidance was the bright light in an otherwise scary scenario. We are now working together to lower my cholesterol. I’ve added turmeric curcumin and chlorella spirulina to my daily regimen. I continue to walk daily, meditate and am adding yoga to my daily routine. Most importantly, Julie empowered me. She taught me that I can heal my body, just by listening to it. At 56-years-old, this is a big gift!

Female, age 21, From August 2017

Over the past few years I have really struggled with anxiety, IBS and weight issues. I had been back and forth to my G.P who would only try to shove western medicine in my face, this (I felt) was no help at all. After trying a list of other hopeless cures, I decided to give the Ayurveda route a go with Julie which has worked wonders. This year has been the best year for me health wise, mentally and physically and I have now been IBS free for just over 6 months. Julie is extremely attentive, helpful and extremely knowledgeable, which has made my experience more pleasant and I can’t thank her enough for her help.

Female, age 50, From March 2017

I had been suffering from a combination of stress and menopause related symptoms for some time when I began to see Julie.

Thanks to her careful and personalised care, I am back to my old self with most symptoms gone or very much reduced. I now feel healthy and happy, my digestion is good, my skin is great and I’m full of energy!

Choosing to improve your health naturally requires dedication and patience, Julie supported me every step of the way – her regular check-ins and nurturing style is a million miles away from the support you might get from your average G.P. Her approach is truly holistic. I cannot recommend Julie highly enough. (I’m swapping my monthly pedicure for a lifetime of good health, through regular consultations with her!)

Male, age 54 London, From 2013 – Present

In 2013 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. A depressing appointment with a GP, which ended with an awful lot of confusing leaflets and the advice to begin taking, immediately, metaformin. I chose not to take this, as I feared that I would be stuck on medication for life.

Knowing that I had to make changes, I had a consultation with Julie. She immediately devised a dietary program around me. In honesty it felt, at first, quite an uncompromising and stringent plan. It followed some of the objectives of the conventional medicinal route but did so in a very different way. The first step was to shed between 5 and 10% of body mass as soon as possible. My doctor had said this could take up to 8 months.

I had reached the figure within less than 3 months and felt fantastic. I continued. The food being introduced into my diet was vibrant and exquisite as well as clearly being incredibly nutritious. Julie suggested food to keep me interested and enthusiastic but also made it clear and understandable that the food was also an effective medicine.

My 3 month blood test perplexed the doctors I was safely below the diabetic count for blood sugar and cholesterol. I continued with Julie. We began reintroducing food types that I had been forced to avoid, in sensible quantities. Again, Julies explanation of the science of this made the condition very manageable.

A 6 month blood test again continued this improvement. In 2015 I was begrudgingly informed by my GP that I was no longer Type 2 Diabetic. She still, bafflingly, suggested I use metaformin “to be safe”? I chose not to.

I remain free of diabetes. I certainly eat and enjoy food more than I used to. I just do so more responsibly. Not really a price to pay for the privilege of very good health.