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Turmeric Face Mask

It is deep mid-winter and I am feeling like I need to be sand blasted. The heating has been on for months, I have eaten more than I should have of heavier foods and milky sweet drinks. (current obsession with soya hot-choc that I have never had before…)

Anyway – I am on a budget as I carry on with my forty hour week studying, for the next two and a half years. I have no time for work and therefore no money for face masks. However, I have used this mask repeatedly over the past two years,  and I have to say – it is better than most that I have spent 45 quid plus on! You can use it all over your body if you choose to, certainly good to go beyond the neck, across the chest and arms. It has an exfoliating quality and it seems to unblock pores. My husband uses it regularly and it is great for diabetic skin, which has a tendency to become infected easily.

Perfect for when you feel pale and washed out. Haridrā (turmeric) has so many qualities that improve skin tone and texture.

In addition to the turmeric (haridrā), I have added honey (madhu) well known for its antiseptic qualities. In Ayurveda madhu is used to reduce Vata (dry, rough) and Pitta (redness, irritation, inflammation)  whilst increasing Kapha – in terms of the skin, this adds plumpness and plasma qualities – which should equal youthful glow…

I squeezed the juice of one Āmalakī – these are incredibly hard and the stone needs to be removed, they then need to be pounded to release the juice and then squeezed through muslin. After adding this to your mixture it may curdle – if this happens, just add a touch more gram flour. Amla is used in Ayurveda, internally, to treat diabetes. It is one of the highest natural sources of vitamin C. (approx 3g per 30g fruit) Along with it’s astringent qualities and Vata, Pitta reducing actions, this is the perfect toner to add to my mask.

I used triphala ghee, because I had some and as I am making this specifically to treat inflamed, diabetic skin, I want to cram in max beneficial ingredients – you could easily use plain ghee or coconut oil (which has amazing antibacterial properties) in its place. If you want to make this strictly vegan, you can use molasses or palm sugar jaggery (kithul) in place of honey.

Gram flour was added to give some substance and at the point of washing the mask off, it is a great exfoliator – the mask turns muddy brown as you rub in a circular motion and I am pretty sure this is the action of the gram flour, soaking up dirt and oil from the skin and sloughing it away. I left this on for an hour.

A few notes:

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