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Sweet Spice Crisp – for All types of Nausea & Apana Vata symptoms

A few months ago I got thinking, after visiting one of may fave Indian Restaurants and having a guilty craving for a spoon full of the dusty looking mukhwas by the door.

I did not  partake, but I did start to deliberate:  #1 how to make without the artificially coloured sugar strands #2 how to make for multiple or specific conditions #3 how to make so that it looks good and is easier to transport into your gob.

Et voila – one of my pals has been suffering from morning sickness and loss of taste etc. etc. during pregnancy, so I made this for her last week.

Not sure if it had the desired effect, but damn this looked so pretty! For pregnancy you do need to take care with the pungency of the spices that you use and the quantity of some (please remember that some spices can cause uterine contractions!) – but I have noted down the ones that I used for this blend and as long as the recipient does not snarf them all too quickly, they are safe. You can play around with proportions depending on personal faves / tolerance.

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