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Detox Paste for Skin Conditions

Sunthi and Kithul Jaggery paste – Dry Ginger and Jaggery Paste for Skin Conditions.

I have mentioned before the constant skin infection issues that face a diabetic. I first made this paste last summer. It It heats the skin and burns away the toxins below the surface, Dry Ginger / Sunthi is considered superior for tissue level detox. The Kithul jaggery purifies the blood and carries the ginger to the required sites and the milk helps to rebuild and sooth inflamed tissue.

I have seen first-hand the benefits of this paste, You can leave it on the skin as long as you want. You may feel heat again when you rinse this off. Please try a small patch if you have very sensitive skin.

Warning! This smells SO good when you are cooking it – you will want to eat it!!!  Not a good idea for a diabetic as it contains lethal quantities of Jaggery!

It bubbles and burps like a creamy ginger custard. If you do not want to use Cows Milk, you can experiment with coconut, almond etc –  although you may not achieve the same tissue regeneration as quickly.

How I made this:

All ingredients into the pan – simmer and stir. You need to stir constantly, otherwise the jaggery will catch. It will reduce to one quarter approx, then you can remove from the heat and place in a sterile jar.

Ready for use as soon as it cools, keep it in a fridge for up to a month. I found that it becomes more potent and hotter, as it ages.

I have honestly seen infected and inflamed skin improve dramatically with this cream – it can be used topically across the bridge of the nose in cases of inflamed sinuses, always try a patch test especially where skin is broken.

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