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Healing Oil for the Skin

Horsetail and Yarrow Coconut Oil

I first made this healing oil for my husband in August. Irritated sinuses had lead to minor skin outbreak around the nose, which began to spread to his cheeks. He had tried a few prescription creams which had worked a little for a while and then the problem re appeared. There were two issues with these eruptions – they had heat, redness and inflammation (pitta) and excess kapha in the sinuses. Vata was also not moving as it should to expel the mucus. We needed to remove the infection, get things moving and heal the skin so that future infections would not occur.

Diabetic skin does not fully heal and minor infections can become huge problems, leading to necrosis in severe cases. It is important to treat even the most minor skin eruption – fast!

My tutor had told me about an Ayurvedic preparation to heal the skin, using coconut oil and lime (calcium carbonate). He told me that this is the most healing oil for skin (cellular) repair. I had this in my mind and still need to go to Tooting to buy my supplies. Whilst we were in the Lake district, I walked every day to go and find wild herbs that I could collect and use in place of the lime. I found 3 favourites (Horsetail, Yarrow and Burdock) growing in abundance so I picked, cleaned and dried and have started putting them to use.

In Ayurvedic terms; Horsetail reduces pitta and kapha and increases vata – perfect for our requirements (see paragraph 1). It specifically clears pitta and supports the nerves and tissues – it can even speed up the healing of bones.  Yarrow has the same effect on the doshas as horsetail, but its specific properties are for treating colds, flu and infections, even peptic ulcers – particularly where there is fever or inflammation. I have used this to great effect previously with a particularly stubborn case of shingles. It cleans the blood and has been used for millennia as a herb that is applied to wounds of soldiers. It is an amazing herb – look it up!

The coconut oil is sweet and unctuous whilst still retaining a light quality, so it allows the skin to breathe and stay cool. The oil has cooling properties and lots of information is available as to the anti fungal, antiseptic and healing properties.

I have been amazed by the results of this oil. This is the second pot that I have made and I am already planning a trip to collect more horsetail whilst I can still harvest this years crop! The skin is healing and the underlying infection has disappeared, I am sure that within a few more weeks, the healing will be almost complete.

Recipe  Method

Note: It will stop bubbling and spitting when he water has completely boiled off. Brown solids will collect at the bottom of the pan. It has an amazing aroma of freshly cut grass and warm toasted ice!

Drain into a sterile, dry jar.

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