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Chest Rub for Coughs and Colds

Bank holiday Monday in London was a wet and cold affair. I woke up and my joints ached a little and I had a flash thought forwards two months  – the cold, the damp and the coughs and colds.

So – I decided that while I still feel perky, I will stock my shelf with some therapeutic oils. I consulted my Ayurvedic Massage book and had the ingredients ready to go – so I cooked up a rather pungent – nay – very smelly mustard, garlic and asafoetida oil. The whole process including clean up was half an hour. I gave this a try on Monday evening and went to bed smelling like a giant greasy onion bhaji! It made me hungry as I lay down, so I tried to drift off and ignore my grumbling tummy and concentrated on the effects of the oil. It is very warming as you would expect, but not itchy or irritating, I can imagine it will feel very relaxing if one has a tight chest or heavy mucous that won’t shift.

The good news is that I awoke to not whiff of spice, which is amazing as I had marinated for 7 hours. (and given that I am usually sweaty to say the least, I technically slow cooked myself in the stuff)

  1. Heat the oil on a moderate heat until it bubbles
  2. Add the garlic and cook until the cloves brown
  3. Add the Asafoetida and continue to cook until garlic is completely charred. Asafoetida will sink t the bottom of the pan and will turn dark brown
  4. Allow the oil to fully cool, then strain through a double layer of muslin
  5. Fill sterile jars or bottles.
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