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Roast Potato Garden Hash

Thursday night and the end of the line for our veg box. There are a few random and slightly fridge-burned lettuce heads and some quite lovely potatoes – that’s it. Oops.

I talk about potatoes quite a lot – I love them! And they are all inclusive. They are quite easy to digest – or easy to combine to make them easy to digest, they are gluten free and a treat for all.

I saw on the weather forecast that it is supposed to be 14 degrees + this week. I am ever the optimist and so thought “let’s cram in as many roast potatoes before it gets too warm and the new potatoes show up”.

Yes, I managed to make an incredibly delightful roast potato lettuce combo, the likes of which has probably never been seen on a serious dinner table. I do love to eat what I have available and sometimes there have been some very happy accidents, which become Family Favourites. Here’s how (and yes, I will be eating this again sometime soon).

Method etc.

This, a glass of red and a warm room – heaven!

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