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Parsley Root, Lotus Seed & Butter Bean Herbed Mash

Parsley Root, Lotus Seed & Butter Bean Herbed Mash

Who doesn’t love mash? With the addition of olive oil, garlic and herbs, I could honestly eat it every day.

Of course, a few pounds heavier from the very cold Winter we are emerging from….. I have decided to lighten up a little and made a healthier version with some roots of the season (parsley) and some nutritious beans. With adequate seasoning (garlic, parley, sage, salt & pepper) this is easy to digest and not at all stodgy.

If you have a vegan diet, it is important to add the vitamins and minerals wherever you can and from varied sources.  A medley mash is the perfect way to form the basis of a nutrient rich meal.

Parsley root looks quite like parsnip, in the flesh they are lighter and there is something that you can’t put your finger on, just different, less fibrous perhaps? Not sure, just different. The taste is astringent, clean, fresh and not too sweet. In a mash, I personally find parsnip a little sickly.

I was originally going to add some white almond to this and then found out one of my guest has an allergy, so I switched to Lotus Seeds. I already had some and thought it would be a safe replacement. They are sweet, bitter and astringent in taste and have both a nourishing (aphrodisiac) quality as well as a cleansing action. Used in moderation, they are a great way to also add some vital micro nutrients. You soak them and can simmer with the beans. The red skin comes off with boiling, so you need t rinse well afterwards or you will have a pink mash!

The sage and garlic being both heating and pungent in nature will help with digestion – and of course the overall deliciousness. They are both expectorant in nature and  clear any excess mucous – yuk, but necessary in Spring.

Okay – so I did add a few potatoes – but they helped with the consistency and are actually easy to digest – 3 potatoes between 6 people is also not over indulgent…..


Prepare the beans and lotus seeds, boil the parsley root and potatoes. Fry the half of the sage leaves, add to a blender with the fresh leaves, parsley, garlic, beans, roots etc and blend. Add oil as it blends and don’t over work it – otherwise it will go gluey. Simple!

I made a lemon and rosemary sauce to go with and teamed it with wilted iron rich greens and onion squash.

Any left-overs (not usual!) can be mixed together with some greens to make a beautiful crisp, hot potato cake kinda thing the next morning.

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