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Fill your day with colour!

My past career (boiled down to its pure essence) was working with colours. Every day was spent advising on, analysing and working out the psychological effects of colours on our daily lives, social behaviour (and companies profit margins!) and I loved it. Since I left work to study (nearly a year ago -eeek), I kinda forgot that this was the part of that job, that had originally hooked me in. I have recently tried to remember each day that colour inspires me, it makes my heart jump, skip, thud and beat with pure joy and excitement – and I need to include colour therapy of some sort – wherever I can get it – every day – colour makes us happy!

The colour of the Borage that I bought today is just indescribable – but I shall try! Burnished indigo butterfly wings is how I will call it. If you love textiles and colours, please do some more reading on burnished indigo cottons from China and Japan – they are truly magnificent and you just need to own a piece – a cushion, an apron – a James Plumb chair or light!

Sage has always been one of my favourite herbs – it is just one of those old English herbs that reminds me of cosy Sundays and warmth. The colour is – okay –  drab – but if you must be conservative and safe, well, it is better than greige! I do tend to cook by colour – imagine the fizzy pop that a slice of sunshine lemon would add to this picture – and well, Sage and Lemon is a winning taste combo too – so there you have it, a great way to liven up a plate, if the colours look revolting together, there is a good chance that it will taste as it looks. Anyway  – the dried sage is for tea, it is from Lebanon and it smells so pungent and looks great in the jar.

The Rose petals I bought for a purpose – more about those on my Sweet Crisp recipe,  but I have never bought rose petals as bright or as sweet fragranced as these, they are going to be perfect for what I have in mind.

I feel endlessly grateful to shops like Persepolis, they make London what it is and we need to make sure that we use and appreciate all of the effort that they make to bring us these wonderful, special ingredients – oh and the food they serve – just go!

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