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Adjust To Autumn – And Enjoy The Most Stimulating Season Of Them All!

Autumn certainly separates the crowd! As the mornings grow darker and the wind sends chilly gusts every which way; some are excited and exhilarated – cheeks glowing, whilst others hunch and grimace, the irritation clear to see.

The change of any season can bring about significant changes to our bodies, depending on ones constitution (Prākṛti). Most people have a favourite and find others more testing.

Whether you love or hate Autumn, there are aspects which will begin to effect even the most hardy of us, at some point during the next few months. Conditions caused by dryness and dehydration, problems with mobility or movement:

In Āyurvedic terms – these are all signs and symptoms of Vāta doṣa increase or disturbance. Vāta is made up / predominant in Air and Ether elements and these dominate Autumn; dry, windy and cold.

An increase in these external elements will cause increase within the body. If you identify with a lot of these symptoms, you are likely to have a good proportion of Vāta in your own Prākṛti – the good news is that once you identify the causes, you can do SO much to balance this!

SAD – Seasonal Adjustment Disorder was clearly identified in  Āyurveda, thousands of years ago – this is not a new phenomenon. As well as understanding the problems being caused by each season (in relation to the elements governing each time period), the Sages of the time also identified various mechanisms to balance these turmoils. With a few tweaks to bring these up to date, the simple, calculated actions still hold true.

So here goes – my simple, but oh so effective ways to re calibrate, balance, and pucker up to enjoy the Richest, Romantic, Russet-Amber, Glowing, Cosy and  Colourful season of the whole calendar – and good gosh are we lucky to live in such a beautiful land to enjoy its intense radiance – blink and you will miss it.


Look out for Autumn recipes being posted here over the coming weeks.

Treat yourself:

You might have guessed: this is written with absolute bias – I LOVE Autumn and hope that you will find some of these coping suggestions useful. xx

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