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About me

I have gorged on nutrition books since my early teens. My Readers Digest “Calorie Counter” was my bible in the Eighties!

I had been vegetarian since I was sixteen and because of my phobias surrounding food, I learned to use spices to flavour dishes so that I could get maximum flavour with very few calories! I suppose I was a functioning anorexic.

Because our son has a severe dairy allergy, I decided to stop eating all other animal products 20 years ago – although I do use raw, organic, wild honey now.

I have used these skills and I now indulge in a few calories too. I love to cook food that is very healthy but also tastes happy and comforting. Even when I ate very little, I was interested in the action of certain foods (particularly herbs and spices) on my body and mind.

If you decide to follow a vegan diet, you need to be strict with your food, you need to ensure your diet is varied and nutritious. This discipline was attractive to me. When you are trying to heal from an addictive illness, you need to find a suitably addictive routine to fill the void.

My other passion is plants – I love watching them grow, I love the colours, I love how they look in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – and I love the smells and flavours that they have. I often visit the amazing Chelsea Physic Garden in London, where for centuries, apothecaries and gardeners have been growing plants intended for use in healing. Even if you don’t believe that these plants have medicinal power, you cannot escape the healing energy of this garden, you soon become a believer! My love of herbs holds equal place to the vegetarian food that saved me from a life of self starvation.

Ayurveda just made sense to me. It incorporates my passions; food, plants and the ability that everyone has to facilitate healing in their own body and mind.

I studied for 4 years (full time), at the College of Ayurveda (UK). After completing 2 clinical placements in India (One at the KLE Ayurvedic University Hospital in Karnataka), I qualified as an Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner.